Online Marketing Strategy for a Clothing Store
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3 Marketing channels/tactics you can use are:

1.Referral Marketing

Word of mouth and referrals are a powerful marketing channel for brands. Especially for boutique clothing stores and other design-led products that are not massively sold, but have a more targeted audience.

So, if you transform your customers into superfans and marketers, you can try one of the following referral marketing tactics:

2.Video marketing with Influencers

The best way (ROI) to increase eCommerce sales at the moment is finding key influencers in your niche, creating a video with your product and boosting it.

3.Join a boutique marketplace

One of the main challenges boutiques face, is that they cannot compete with big eCommerce stores. They don’t have the resources to run huge marketing campaigns.

What a boutique owner really wants, is to focus on producing high quality products and experiences for their customers.

A smart tactic is to join a marketplace for boutiques that can undertake your online store end-to-end. From marketing and selling your products to fulfilling your orders.

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