Marketing Strategies for the Fashion Industry
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Marketing strategy for your fashion-related business can take the form of implementing a single means of promotion, or devising a system to track the effectiveness of a variety of approaches. Initiate your strategy by establishing your brand – – the essence of your fashion business that people will come to recognize – – and incorporating it into every marketing method you employ Note that your budget will determine how many creative promotional methods you can execute.

Enter the Internet

The Internet offers opportunities to reach a vast number of people. Develop an innovative website featuring videos of your fashion endeavor; use virtual tours of your boutique or present a fashion show featuring your clothing line. Your website is key for all other online marketing strategies. It serves as the basis for detailed product information, and provides a source to which other Internet-based venues should be linked. The repetition of your marketing message is vital to remaining in the public’s awareness. Email and social media are easy and inexpensive ways to achieve this. Start a fashion advice blog prominently displaying your website link as well as your business name and logo. Enroll in bulk email services through which you can send to all your contacts regular fashion newsletter updates relating to your business. Include discount coupons and other special offers. Your target recipient numbers can be increased by engaging the services of a list broker through which you may purchase a compilation specific to fashion solicitation. Use social media outlets to drive people to the fashion product line displayed on your website.

Web Connection

If your fashion-related business efforts have not progressed to a physical store, create virtual shops in one or more online marketplaces. These provide you with the option to customize your shop, and afford tools with which you can increase marketing efforts. Frequency and consistency are essential when operating web-based shops; regularly update your images and promotional verbiage. Use visual media by posting an edgy fashion show film on web video services spotlighting your line, company name and brand. Get involved in commerce networking websites where you can share your business’s fashion activities.

Go Viral

Marketing your fashion business can benefit from viral-style marketing methods and result in the attraction of many potential customers. For example, consider staging a kiosk on a busy street on which you’ve hung several hundred of one type of your creations, such as a simple skirt. Attach a brochure or business card to each, and prominently display a sign indicating one item is free for the taking. Word will rapidly spread of your “free ……skirt” generosity; every individual who took one will tell others and you’ll have dispensed hundreds of pieces of your contact information

Get Personal

Market your inventory by promoting home fashion parties. Construct a catalog and a sales kit with samples and use them to conduct home demonstrations of your merchandise. Start by asking friends to host parties, and provide free take-away items for each attendee, such as one of your signature scarves. Call local chambers of commerce to arrange for fashion shows for business luncheons for which you’ve contracted with a celebrity to appear. Nurture partnerships with local hotels, conference centers and spas, and cultivate the possibility of having them house your fashion boutique.

Additional Strategies

Write your fashion business’ story in a format used by reporters for publication in typical media outlets, such as newspapers and magazines. Pay for full-page ads describing a fascinating fashion adventure to pique the interest of readers. Write regular press releases about your business when you have new announcements to make, Develop an irresistible image of your business by including photos and illustrations in all your print media marketing. Make radio or TV public service announcements, accompanied by a known fashion model, to advise of an event you might be hosting.


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