LED lighting Retail strategy for your Retail Setting
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Whether you’re a grocery retailer, clothing store, convenient store or any kind of retailer, your lighting strategy is important to selling your product. These six methods will help maximize your LED strategy for your retail setting:

•Draw the customers attention by brightening displays

•Mix vertically placed lighting along with horizontal

•Use accent lighting

•Create a stronger impression with layered lighting over a floodlight

•Build-in shelf lighting

•Create warmer color temperatures with lighting

When it comes to maximizing LED lighting in your retail settings, consider the following:

1.Instead of making stores uniformly super bright, create favorable contrast by brightening displays and areas where you want to lead customers.

2.Vertically placed lighting is superior to horizontal in helping customers understand your store layout and encouraging them to walk around.

3.Accent and pinpoint lighting may increase sales of specific items.

4.Shoppers usually prefer layered light.

5.Built-in shelf lighting is effective; lighting at the lower shelf levels encourages customers to linger.

6.Using light to create warmer color temperatures  is considered favorable for retail sales; in general, cooler colors denote spaciousness while warm colors create familiarity.

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