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Life as an independent sales representative can be fulfilling, exciting and highly lucrative but it takes a special person who can be organized and gregarious, able to tolerate rejection, determined and persevering. The best way to prepare your business as an independent sales agent is to research the industries in which you expect to work, identify synergistic product mixes so you can rep more that one product line to each customer you contact, and plan how you will operate your business.

1. Decide what products you want to rep. These should be products you like and know something about. Selling requires the ability to be enthusiastic in talking about your product so it helps if you are selling things you can discuss at length without getting bored.

2. Prepare your pitch. Your first job as a sales rep is to sell yourself to your potential clients. Show that you have knowledge of their products and understand the buying habits of their customers.

3.Contact manufacturers or retailers to offer your services as an independent sales rep. Your goal should be to contract with as many clients as you feel you can adequately handle.

4. Negotiate your commissions and expense reimbursements. Commissions can range from 5 percent to 30 percent so your decision should be based on whether the company will pay some of your expenses and whether the potential volume of sales will adequately make up for low commission rates. An industry trade association can educate you about standard commissions and expense reimbursements within that industry.


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