Get Ready For Your Promotion: A Global Perspective
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Get Ready For Your Promotion: A Global Perspective

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We are on the edge of a golden age for marketing. Those employed in the profession are likely to have more influence than ever before on how their company performs. Increasingly, the marketing chief will be called on for advice on which way to steer the company and will be able to provide the insights to support their decisions.

To some, this will be no surprise. In fact, a new report , has shown that Asia Pacific (APAC) marketers are already pretty savvy. Compared to the rest of the world, marketers in this region are more likely to be involved in product management, customer retention, cross-selling and up selling. Most already have a sharp sales orientation and a focus on maximizing revenue. The chart below illustrates this difference, showing how marketers are leading the way in their organizations at a faster rate than their global marketing counterparts.

Marketing departments drive: Asia Pacific Global
Customer retention 68% 57%
Product management 63% 58%
Demand gen/customer acquisition 61% 58%
eCommerce 56% 48%
Cross sell/upsell 58% 48%
Corporate strategy 53% 49%

Developing Your Customer Nurturing Muscle Is Critical

This commercial edge isn’t matched, though, when it comes to customer nurturing techniques. In this area, as you can see in the chart below, the region is a little behind the rest of the world. Perhaps this is because it’s been misperceived as a little too soft and fuzzy, or without enough hard measures to track performance. Yet, as we’ve seen from our global counterparts’ results, we know it’s a crucial element of the customer journey, particularly if you have a complex product with a long sales cycle. It’s similarly important for B2C, where social media and other online content can influence a buyer’s behavior.

Marketing departments drive: Asia Pacific Global
Content marketing 47% 58%
Digital and social media 47% 58%
Customer experience/engagement 57% 62%
Advertising/branding 70% 75%

But, despite this deficit in customer nurturing, marketers in the region understand the need to change. Almost a third of respondents in the study placed acquiring appropriate skills as a top area of investment over the next 12 months, way more emphasis than placed in other parts of the world.

The Right Tool Can Change the Game

I’m sure our love of numbers has a lot to do with this. It’s one thing being creative and generating a warm fuzzy feeling for your brand, it’s quite another being able to measure the immediate influence. Marketing automation systems are making this possible by letting marketers deliver personalized content to audiences at scale and measure the response in real-time. With it they can see the steps that ultimately influence a sale,  and continually refine their marketing strategies accordingly. All of a sudden the warm fuzzy stuff becomes a numbers game.

John Wanamaker’s famous line was that half his advertising money was wasted, he just didn’t know which half, is now outdated thanks to technology, and marketers are embracing the change. In fact, we’re more likely than US marketers to invest in technology to manage advertising, mobile marketing, market resources, and content marketing. Check out the stats in the chart below to see how marketers plan to lead the way with strategic marketing technology investments.

Likely area to increase investment in technology (next 3-5 years) Asia Pacific N America Europe
Advertising management 30% 11% 18%
Social marketing 30% 38% 40%
Mobile marketing 27% 22% 37%
Marketing resource management 24% 16% 14%
Content marketing 24% 22% 18%

The changes will make the marketer’s job much busier. It requires a lot more analysis and thinking, but it will also mean we’ll see more marketing chiefs influencing the success of their businesses. Again marketers recognize this: 80% of those surveyed said they believe business owners will treat marketing as a revenue driver in 3-5 years, a significant turnaround from today, with 70% still seeing it as a cost center.

As we all know, there’s one sure way to increase your influence in your business—demonstrate how you are helping the company to make money. Marketers who grasp the opportunity will be a sought after commodity.

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