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This is the biggest lever you can operate in your business so you should be putting your weight behind it. It is exceptionally easy to lose focus the faster you are growing. You have a million and one other things to distract you, your recruitment volumes are increasing, and you have more pressure to ‘fill seats’, not having enough people looks like one of the leading barriers to growth.

Hire for drive and motivations, not just experience. Some people are driven by the need to succeed; these are the people you want. Make sure their motives are in line with yours.

Be involved and keep your standards high. The best people will be being wooed by other companies. Still make sure you sell the benefits of working with you and move fast to secure the best people.

Don’t interview. Use motivational tests and practical exercises as much as possible. Interviews and experience have been shown time and time again to be the worst indicator of future success. Go further than checking a CV.

Hire people that are taking a step up in their career to join you. Question the motives of people making a sideways move – do they have the drive, and will they be challenged sufficiently to be engaged?

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