Do you have fun to your job?
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Do Work You Love


As much as possible, try to do work you love (and if you’re not, see what you can do about it). Doing work you love just makes it so much easier to have fun and get absorbed in what you are doing. If you are not currently doing work you love, thinking about what you would do, even if you weren’t paid for it is a great starting place.


Take Breaks & Vacations


Work-life balance is a buzz word these days, and for good reason. However much you enjoy your work, skipping breaks and working on your vacation will end up with you being burnt out at some point. Get in the habit of cultivating a good work life balance on an ongoing basis. Recharging your batteries will pay dividends at work and in your enjoyment outside of work.


Change Your Perspective


If your work has become routine, how can you infuse it with a sense of play? Anything can be made more enjoyable with the right perspective. Even if you have decided that the job you are in isn’t the one for you, you can still have fun in the mean time. You could try setting fun goals for yourself around your work. How about asking your boss if you can work on a project that interests you?


Build Better Relationships at Work


If you don’t know your colleagues or boss well, it could help to arrange a social event to break down some barriers. Relationships are important and having a good rapport with the people you work with will help to make your work more enjoyable.




Smiling is such a simple thing we can do to make anything more fun and it has the added bonus of being infectious and having a good effect on those around us too! Practice smiling more at work (even if you don’t feel like it). As the saying goes “fake it till you make it”! The intention to enjoy your work (and show it) can have a profound effect.


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