Courier Companies Should Invest In Marketing
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Conducting a smart marketing campaign in order to build up the company’s customer base is a major component of how to start a courier service.

For companies that lack brick-and-mortar store locations and require on-the-go service, like a delivery company, marketing is especially important.

Because you may not have the benefit of a storefront that advertises your company to anybody who passes by, you need to be especially active and intelligent with your marketing efforts in order to build up business.

The first step in smart marketing is knowing your business plan.

As you worked on your business model, you likely took a look at what competitors offered to customers and based some of your services either on their models or on the gaps in service from other courier companies.

Your marketing efforts should focus on your company’s strengths. Make note of services that other companies provide but that you can perform with higher quality, and also list the services that are unique to your courier service.

By promoting the differences between your company and others in the area, you will be able to attract a greater amount of new customers.

Marketing for courier services can come in a number of forms, so be sure to approach the project from a few angles.

One key in the internet age is to set up a good website for your company.

If you have the budget, think about contracting a web designer to build your site and teach you how to operate it.

Your site should be easy to use, with all of the necessary information customers may need for contacting your company and using your services.

Including online delivery request forms is simple these days and creates another way that people or businesses have easy access to your services.

Printed materials are also very helpful.

Be sure to have plenty of business cards to hand out or leave with small businesses or on local bulletin boards.

Having brochures and other printed material available can be helpful for discussing your service with the owners or people in charge of deliveries for businesses in the area.

Create an offer.

When you first begin to build your customer base, offering special deals for delivery services can be very helpful for getting your foot in the door.

First, have a set of coupons printed out, offering one free delivery (or at least a discount on the first delivery).

Hand those coupons out to local businesses and targeted customers, then keep track of how effective the coupons are in terms of attracting customers.

Giving businesses one free delivery and then demonstrating a high level of service is one tactic that can encourage these clients to give you additional business in the future.

Starting a courier service does not require excessive startup capital. But if you have a smart marketing plan in place, you’ll require even less by quickly attracting a stream of customers.


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