Win-Win Exports
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3. Win – Win Exports: export procedures on behalf of our customer with gross remuneration system (%)

• Long-lasting contract

• We structure exports department to your company only with % payment (for companies with export history)

• We implement the Project as Export Manager and we reorganize your export department with procedures structured to your needs

• Reorganization of the target markets

• Evaluation and reorganization of the export department structures

• We give guidelines to the export executives in order to achieve the appropriate progress and development

• Competition Analysis

• Reorganization of Marketing “tools”

• Reorganization of finding customers and representatives in foreign markets and creation of data base

• Evaluation of the agreements with current clients

• Organization of communication policy and investigation of customers

• Customer Management Policy and evaluation procedures

• Preparation of your participation in an exhibition abroad and customer management in order to visit your stand

• We come with you to negotiate with customers

• Daily report of the project’s progress for each country

Export Direction

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