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Market develops constantly, as well as sales & marketing techniques.

Manager’s Office as the most specialized company in applied Marketing & Management in global market has succeeded more than 15.000 wholesale marketing projects in large, and mid-range developing companies.

Techniques, such as the development of back office, through the implementation of procedures, such as:

  • Segmentation,
  • Cross selling,
  • Market’s expansion,
  • Ordering,
  • Sales Campaign etc

as well as front office procedures, such as :

  • Salesmen Routing,
  • Consulting sale,
  • Reporting system,
  • Bonus System etc.

All the above mentioned techniques, in combination with marketing tools and appropriate management, will provide your company with a structured and professional sales department.

Wholesale Service is one of the most important services of Manager’s Office.

We undertake the project only if we are sure that we can succeed it.

Communicate us to analyze you how we implement that service.

Sales & Marketing Department

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