What to Look For When Signing Up For a Recruitment Agency
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Deciding to outsource your human resources, particularly recruitment, can be a great way for your business to ensure that you’re making the best hiring decisions. A good recruitment agency will be able to help you identify exactly what you need in a role and craft an advertising strategy to help you attract a pool of your target candidates. With so many different agencies out there, it can be difficult to know which is the best company for your needs. Below you’ll find three key things you should ask yourself when choosing your recruiting partner.

  1. Do They Care About Your Business?

Make sure that you are working with a human resources firm who cares about more than just the money they stand to make from you. You want to find an agency who consider themselves to be an extension of your business and who really take the time to understand who you are and what you need. This usually can’t be done in one meeting alone, so be prepared to put some time into meeting with potential agencies and working with them to establish familiarity with your brand and hiring requirements. If you feel like you are just a number to them, they may not be the right choice for you.

  1. Do They Go Beyond Advertising Positions?

Anybody can place a position vacant ad on a website or in the newspaper and screen resumes. Ideally you should be finding a recruitment agency who can do something you can’t. For example, some of the leading recruitment agencies have introduced psychometric testing to help ensure that they have a full understanding of each candidates’ strengths, weaknesses and capabilities. It’s this focus on placing the right person in the right role rather than filling a vacancy at any cost that can really make working with recruiters worth your while.

  1. Do They Offer More Than Just Recruitment?

You know how important it is to future proof your business. Not all agencies are created equal – some purely do recruitment and temporary work placements whereas others provide additional support and services. Even if you just have an immediate need to get your positions filled, make sure you do take the time to think about what you’ll need long-term and see if you can find a firm that you can partner that can grow with you.

Don’t wait until you need to place an ad to start seeking out a recruitment agency. Even if you have a fully staffed human resources department, outsourcing or seeking consultants to help you can be a really cost effective and results-orientated way for you to meet your business needs. Just as finding the right staff takes time, so too does finding the right consultancy.


Do you work with an external recruitment agency? What advice would you give to someone to help them find the right human resources firm for their business? that most employers are vetting candidates. And they’re not reading. They’re skimming!

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