Top Industries After The Pandemic
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  • Healthcare

Governments worldwide are set to heavily invest in the healthcare industry in order to better prepare for potential future outbreaks.

  • Fitness

The pandemic has opened the door for both fitness professionals as well as fitness equipment providers to create new tech, smart sportswear, hybrid studios and push the use of social media to reach their increasingly health conscious audience wherever and whenever.

  • Education –  E-learning 

In the next few years there will be a rise in the need for skilled professionals to not only develop better platforms for e-learning, but also invent new technology so as to respond to heightened demand.

  • Cloud Computing

All in all, by transitioning to cloud services, companies are able to move faster on projects and test out concepts without lengthy procurement and big upfront costs, because they’ll only pay for the resources they consume.

  • E-commerce

Although this industry growth is expected to be higher in emerging economies with the rise of internet penetration and data speeds, it’s undeniable that post-COVID-19, the e-commerce growth rate will outpace earlier predicted levels worldwide.

  • Logistics

As a result, for the industry to cater to growing needs, it will need to invest in regional logistic hubs to eliminate single-source dependencies, and to establish a flexible and adaptable supply chain.

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