Tips To Keep Your Cool When Your Boss Is Hot
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It’s a sticky subject.  Common, yet rarely addressed in orientations or procedural manuals.  Still, it happens to the best of us—male or female, Black or White, Blue collar or White collar.  Somewhere on the path to professional success you’re bound to encounter a cutie who has the potential to make your senses detour and compromise your concentration and composure.

Whether it’s love at first site, or a slow brew that becomes steamy without intention.

Heck, it happens in real life and even in T.V. land. Remember Dianne and Sam in Cheers? Or how about Angela and Tony in Who’s the Boss? And let’s not forget the storyline with Fran Drescher in The Nanny.

Let’s be clear here. I’m not talking about workplace dating or affairs. This is strictly about simple chemistry. Nothing more, nothing less.

Depending upon how you handle this workplace dynamic, it can be a distraction or a great incentive for perfect attendance! It’s your call.

Here are a few helpful tips to working with a hot boss without getting burned.

1.    Adopt the military’s mantra, “Don’t ask, don’t tell.” Save any confessions of feelings for your clergy or diary.

2.    Resist the urge to volunteer for “excessive” overtime. You’ll come across as crazy or creepy. Can you say “stalker”?

3.    Stay level headed. In today’s economy you can’t afford to fumble. Keep your eye on the ball to insure that you stay in the game.

4.    Don’t make your boss into a deity. Idolatry is a sin.

5.    ‘Never let em’ see you sweat.” Make sure to have a healthy social and dating life, that will enable you to come to the workplace fulfilled, fantasy-free and firmly grounded.

Keep in mind that a hot boss doesn’t have to be bad.  In fact, for some it adds a whole ‘nother dimension to workplace benefits packages!

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