Tips for Dairy Marketing Strategy
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When marketing a dairy product, the most important aspect of your strategy is determining your competition and audience. By establishing these parameters, you can help to flush out what aspect of your dairy business to highlight and where will be the most effective place for you to advertise to capture your target audience. Understanding the dairy business and products thoroughly will help you to discern your advertising assets and weaknesses.


By taking an in-depth look at your dairy products and the process that goes into producing them, your product’s advantages will become clear. Look at how the product is created, whether you produce, milk, butter, cheese or any other dairy product. If the cows used are fed only natural, hormone-free feed, this is something you will want to promote. If the owners and operators are third-generation dairy farmers or an extension of a business with deep roots and extensive experience, highlight this in your advertising. Understanding the product, the business and the process will help to form your overall marketing strategy.


Take note of your competition, whether it be other local dairy farmers or large, national dairy competitors. Once your product and process research has established your niche in the dairy market you can begin to discern where you fit in. Review your competitors’ advertisements to spot and exploit weaknesses. For example, if your products are free of any added chemicals or artificial ingredients but theirs are not, this is something you can highlight in your marketing strategy.


Discern who exactly you are marketing to and what segment of the market would be most inclined to purchase your dairy products. If your dairy products are produced by hormone-free cows that are free to graze and are provided healthy lifestyles, then you need to determine who these facts will resonate with and who may be willing to pay a little extra for these features. Families in middle to upper income brackets are likely to be your best clientele. Those interested in what goes into the foods and drinks their children consume and willing and able to pay a little more for your natural and chemical free products are likely a good fit.


Craft an advertisement that clearly states in highly visible text the points you want to highlight about your products. Research the places and outlets that are most likely to connect with your target market. For example, setting up a booth and signage at a local farmers market can help to attract a loyal clientele. Approach local grocery stores about having your product placed in your grocery stores “local” or “natural” foods sections to create a following. Place ads on television stations, websites and publications likely to be visited by the middle to upper class families you are targeting. Use your research to help hone your marketing strategy.

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