Social Media Strategy For Jewelry
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  • Refresh your pages

It’s important to freshen up your social media cover pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+ at least every month. Cover pages will help define your brand’s aesthetic and also showcase your latest designs and stock.

  • Share more customer photos

Social media should be social so don’t be afraid to get REAL. Sharing customer photos is an effective way to increase your page’s interaction and also give potential customers another perspective on your products. This year create a customer album and fill it with photos of customers who post pictures of themselves in your jewelry on your wall. Also create a unique hashtag and encourage customers to use it on Instagram so their photos will be easy to find.

  • Post more “real” photos

Instead of depending on product or ad shots, mix it up by taking photos of your jewelry on a real person. I’ve noticed that “real-life” photos get a lot more engagement and are more inspirational. They let customers see your jewels in the flesh and allow them to imagine the piece on themselves. 

  • Put your social media links on everything

I’m always surprised when brands fail to display their social media pages on their email signatures, business cards, and magazine ads. Make sure you add your social media links to everything that lists your website. That means on all marketing materials

  • Influencer program

We all have super fans who comment and like most of our posts. It’s important to keep their loyalty and encourage their  brand evangelism. Identify ten of your most engaged fans and followers and make them your brand ambassadors. Engage them by giving them free products, exclusive discounts, and access to VIP events. If you’re a local jeweler make sure they live in your area, they will tell their local friends and family.  If you are a national brand you should consider paying style bloggers to be ambassadors for wider reach.

  • Make videos

Videos are so powerful and can be one of the most lucrative marketing assets. You can hire an actor to do the videos and either tape the video in a camcorder, phone, or laptop and use iMovie to edit them yourself. There are also companies that can do all of this for you. Make sure your videos are interesting and try to make them informative rather than pushing your product. Make sure to title your videos and add descriptions that will make your video easy to find.

  • Facebook advertising

Well, you can easily achieve this with FB ads. The key is to choose your target well. Your best bet is to target a competing local business or brand. Once you have done this, target local publications or niche publications. Last but not least, target your own demographic. Facebook has been the top social media site in terms of referrals to my clients’ websites, so investing in Facebook ads is a sure way to expand your reach in 2018.


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