Sales Director (Hotel) – BG (SD 24NCDMJSN)
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Profit Management

  • Meets or exceeds budgeted for the hotel.
  • Work directly with the General Manager, SVP Global Sales, Chief Operating Officer, and other executive management on the business plan, trimester plan, and budgets.
  • Prepares hotels Annual Marketing plan.
  • Prepares departmental budget that correctly reflects the hotels business plan.
  • Forecasts occupancy fluctuations and directs selling activities to maximize revenues.
  • Knows the hotels demand segments, sources of business for each, and balances market segments according to supply and demand.
  • Knows the principal competition for each market segment and takes advantage of hotels strengths against each competitor.
  • Accurately forecasts occupancy changes based on changing market conditions (additions to supply and demand, etc.).

Guest Services

  • Supports guest service as the hotels driving philosophy.
  • Personally demonstrates a commitment to guest service by responding to guests needs.
  • Responds and follows up via Trip Advisor, guest comment cards, or other modes of guest satisfaction

Marketing and Sales Management

  • Develops/assists with development of the hotels marketing and sales plan based on the hotels position and strengths within each market segment.
  • Implements hotels marketing and sales plan.
  • Analyzes and understands the competitions strengths and weaknesses for each market segment and successfully directs marketing activities against each.
  • Identifies and maintains constant communications with the hotels key accounts.
  • Actively sells room nights through outside sales calls, telemarketing, tours, etc.
  • Makes outbound lead follow up calls to potential and existing customers by telephone and in person to qualify leads and sell hotel services.

Human Resources

  • Maintains clear communication with sales managers and the entire sales team in order to review and give feedback on sales performance
  • Ensures that hotel employees (specifically front desk staff) are familiar with key accounts and specifics (special rates, special requirements, etc.) relating to business booked in the hotel.
  • Helps to develop management talent by acting as a mentor for direct reports.

If you are interest for the position, you can send your CV at the hr department of Manager’s Office via email noting the position code.

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