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Manager’s Office proposes you, if you are having a big sales network, to use Salesmen Routing Service.

Every modern company with sales network, which aims to further development, uses routing techniques which decentralize procedures and support its executives.

In order to organize your Routing we need:

  1. CRM programming system
  2. Information of your salesmen present routing
  3. List of active clients
  4. Information of your potential clients

With the right Routing we can achieve:

  • “economic”  itinerary, with no unnecessary relocation
  • right follow up of the customer
  • knowledge of each salesman program in order to be able to interfere if it’s necessary
  • easy change of salesman also by correcting the areas of responsibility
  • Enlargement of your customer data base as the right routing allows us to know the areas of potential clients.

Adopt the modern method:

I find out my needs, estimate and collaborate with specialists.

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