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Manager’s Office keeps partnerships in many different countries and various fields and has the methodology to detect the appropriate customers who interest you and bring you in contact.


  • You must inform us about your products and the target markets,
  • We have to be trained on your differentiation and the competitive advantage that you have in target market,
  • We have to know the profile of the representatives that you want us to find,
  • Specialized department of our company will localize, communicate and give you the leads of the potential representatives

The circle of the co-operatives management with Back Office & Front Office Services by our company


The “Representative Abroad” service has 2 sections which have different costs:

  1. Back Office (we end by giving you information of the co-operatives that they are interested),
  2. Front Office (we undertake to visit the potential co-operatives in the target country and to deal with them on your behalf).

Contact us in order to analyze you the implementation of the service.

Each co-operation with Manager’s Office has only a win-win situation, as our only interest is your development.

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