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One of the Manager’s Office major services is the organization or ever reconstruction of Sales Department.

Manager’s Office has the biggest specialisation in sales with numerous projects in global market in different business areas (B2B, B2C, Retail, export companies, services companies).

We construct or reconstruct sales departments by following, initially, the international PSS
– M
model by undertaking the whole department’s responsibility through the role of “SalesDirector or Commercial Director” or even “Export Manager”:

Procedures (procedure construction)

Back Office, is always constructed on each company’s needs and the market that wants (customer care, sales phone calls, after sales, ordering, service organization, cross selling, segmentation etc),

– Interference in other departments’ procedures for better communication and cooperation with the sales department,

– Evaluation and Front office procedures implementation (salesmen), adapting to the company and the desired market (routing, walkthrough, targeting, reporting system etc),

Sales techniques marketing adapting to the companyand the target market (consultative selling, target marketing, marketing tools, etc),

Sales manual for the better training of sales department,

Software (I.T. in order to follow specific procedures)Intervention to the current I.T.program used by the company – customer (ERP – CRM) or replacement with a new one in order to be able to keep procedures and control them.

Staff (evaluation of existing staff in order to give extra value and to be able to implement procedure). Staff is very important in order to apply procedures and to the company’s development. At first we have to meet the staff in order to find out the advantages and disadvantages that it has. Through the results we will decide the training and the evolutionary course that it will have.

Management (adequate management) In order to have a successful project also after we will finish it, the management of the client’s company will continue to support all procedures and manage with the same way as we organize it. That’s why during the project’s implementation our relationship with company’s administration is very closed.

Manager’s Office through “Rent a Manager” service has developed commercial departments on numerous companies with great results and we suggest you to get informed as soon as possible, taking into consideration that the successful of a project is strongly affected by the relationship that we have with our client.
Each co-operation with Manager’s Office has only a win-win situation, as our only interest is your development.

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