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Arrive five minutes early each day. Don’t be that employee who’s barely making it in the door at 8:00AM or the one who regularly comes fifteen minutes late. Get up early in the mornings so you can arrive to work early; this will show that you are dedicated to your job.

  • Dress well and maintain good hygiene. In addition to punctuality, professional dress is very important. Invest in a few good outfits for work. Iron your clothes the night before so that you aren’t rushed and wrinkled in the morning. Shower daily and keep your hair well-kempt and out of your face.
  • Keep organized. Keep your desk, cubicle or office space neat and clean. Put documents in drawers or filing cabinets and organize them based on project type and year. Keep a calendar to keep track of your appointments, meetings, and projects.
  • Stay updated on your emails and voicemails. Be the employee that responds to emails in a timely fashion, with no more than two days in between a response. Respond to emails from your boss or superiors as soon as possible. Reread all emails before sending to check for typos.

Respond to emails in a professional manner, even if the sender writes to you casually.

  • Practice presentations in advance. If you have to present your work to your colleagues or some other audience, be ready. Create a slideshow and have notes on hand to refresh your memory.
  • Come to meetings with notes prepared. If you have a staff meeting or other meeting coming up, come with notes prepared. You may have to share updates about your projects; have those updates written down so you can share them accurately.

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