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Manager’s Office is one of the leading companies regarding sales matters globally with hundred projects in different fields (B2B, B2CRetailexportcompanies, services companies).

Through the method that we implement (back office & front office) we can undertake the development of your sales department using the Outsourcing Sales Service.

Manager’s Office can undertake the back office service on your behalf for all markets (local & foreign market):

  1. construction of a professional customers database, CRM, which can manage potential clients,
  2. direct marketing campaign (direct mail, email marketing, sms marketing etc),
  3. development of marketing tools (web site, company profile etc),
  4. communication with prospective clients (fu) and their evaluation,
  5. clients evaluation in order to make appointments,
  6. daily reports regarding  customer communication,
  7. follow up, after the offer to the client, as well as the front office (for local & foreign market),
  8. prospective client’s  management from one of Manager’s Office Sales Managers.

Evaluate the present and developments and research the prospective that Outsourcing Sales Services offer you.

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