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Don’t gossip. Ever.

Remember, if someone is willing to talk about someone behind their back, they will likely be willing to do the same to you. Gossip has no place at work. Do your best not to engage and cut people off who partake. Sure, you want to keep your ear to the ground to understand what’s happening with the company, but worrying about non-business related things is nothing but a waste of time for everyone. When coworkers start to spread the juice or throw shade, simply tell them to stop.

  • Give up coffee and cigarettes.I may be way off base on this but in my experience complainers drink a lot of coffee, smoke a lot of cigarettes, visit the bathroom a lot, and just find ways to take a lot of breaks. Because breaks mean an audience to complain to. I’m not suggesting you max out your bladder. What I am recommending is that you learn these people’s routines and adapt accordingly. It’s a small sacrifice that can pay dividends.Take the bull by the horns.

    Negative people can rarely be saved (at work), and why they are so sour is not your concern. Since you control your own destiny, make it a habit to tell negative people that you choose not to engage. Your decision to tune out negative dialogue has nothing to do with who is wrong or who is right; it is not an indictment of their predicament or personality. It is, however, a commitment to yourself to keep yourself focused and (relatively) happy. The follow-up to this is to be sure you enforce your own rule consistently. We all know the negative person will be looking for any excuse to take your decision personally.

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