Marketing Strategies for a Security Company
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Marketing security can be a tough sell. It’s a service that people may need but are wary to commit to because it carries the negative connotations of being robbed. Companies also don’t want to resort to fear-mongering, which can be unethical if taken to extremes, so it’s best to find your target and try to put a positive spin on your advertising. Let your customer know you’ll take care of the security so your customer can concentrate on the business.

Testimonials and Referrals

Ask customers to provide testimonials that you can use on your corporate website and in advertising. This provides credibility for your company and an example of a positive history. Another way to gain positive, and free, marketing is to ask satisfied customers for referrals. It’s a simple step but one owners of many smaller companies often ignore or are too shy to do; just leave extra business cards. Find businesses that are in a similar field or cater to a similar target audience — for example, a private investigator who doesn’t do security or a limo service that caters to wealthy clients — and agree to refer customers to each other.

Find Your Niche

Take a look at the background and training of your employees. If there are common themes — for example, if many employees are former police officers — mention that in your marketing. If your business often takes private patrol contracts for neighborhoods, position the business as patrol security firm in ads that target neighborhoods. Try not to mention more than a few specialties in your advertising, though, as doing so may confuse your target market.


Many people turn to the Internet for research before calling companies. Ensure that your website is up to date and easy to navigate. To maximize the number of visitors to your site, incorporate keywords and phrases, such as “private security services” and “security guards.”


Blogging is a smart way for the head of a company to establish himself as an expert in the field. It increases name recognition for the both the blogger and the company. A blog can offer security tips, news and company information, sharing news about awards and other company achievements. A Twitter account provides links to blog updates also can help drive people to the website, increasing traffic and the number of potential customers.

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