Is It Time to Leave Your Job?
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You need to find out why what the real issue is about why you want to leave your job. If you dread going to work, is it a general feeling of boredom or ambivalence towards the work you do? Maybe you don’t feel that you gel with your co-workers or boss? Pinpointing exactly what the issue or issues are means you are better equipped to deal with it. Pinpointing the issue could mean that you find a way to deal with it and stay in your current job. A change of perspective on your part or realising that you need to ask for more of a challenge can help you move forward. If you do this work, but you still feel in your heart of hearts, it is time to move, then you are another step closer to your answer; it might be time to quit your job.


However much you like or dislike your job, you might know that you really dream of doing something else.  You might be an aspiring writer working as an office clerk or a personal trainer trapped in a retail job. If you dream of doing something else, don’t ignore those feelings; take your dreams seriously. However, it is then up to you to be honest with yourself about how close you are to that dream and what you need to do to get there. This is vital in knowing when to leave your current job as everyone’s situation is unique. There are no guarantees but if you can assess your situation as best you can, it will help you to leave when the time is right.


If you dream of doing something else, honour those dreams and make sure you are taking steps (even small steps add up to bigger changes) towards them.


Don’t Know What Else You would Like to Do?


If you don’t know what your passion is, don’t despair. You can start asking the questions that will help you get a clearer picture about what else you would like to do. If you are active in asking these questions and looking for opportunities to work out what else you would like to do, answers will come.


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