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Here are many factors that will determine the financial requirements for your tangible capital assets project implementation plan. Some of those factors are the size and complexity of
The existing asset base, the condition and available in house expertise versus the need for outside consulting resources or temporary assistance.
The implementation plan should be developed and used to ensure that the implementation budget includes all the financial requirements for the project. The budget will be multi-year because the project will extend over several years before it is fully completed. There will be some additional costs in the 2020 implementation year and in 2021 as the first full audit and new financial statement presentation is done.
The following section is organized into a series of issues and related questions to consider as you prepare your implementation budget.
Planning and Policy Development
The larger the company, the more time will be required by the project manager to coach and co-ordinate various departments and staff.
How much time is required to become familiar with the requirements, develop a plan, develop capital policies and train staff?
Will external expertise be required for planning and for policy development?
Is there a need for a full-time or only a part-time project manager?
Human Resources
The project will be very challenging from a human resource perspective as well as from a financial and planning one. It is important that you communicate the importance of the project throughout the municipality’s planning process.
Asset Inventory
As part of the planning process you should estimate the number of assets in each major asset class. This can be done with the assistance of department managers as one of the initial steps of the implementation plan. The estimated number of assets can be used to extrapolate total times and related costs for tasks such as conducting the inventory.
Manager’s Office Implementation Team

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