Global Growth Has Slowed
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The World Bank said that tighter monetary policies from central banks around the world may have been necessary to tame inflation, but they have “contributed to a significant worsening of global financial conditions, which is exerting a substantial drag on activity.”

“The United States, the euro area, and China are all undergoing a period of pronounced weakness, and the resulting spillovers are exacerbating other headwinds faced by emerging market and developing economies,” it said.

The global financial organization adjusted its 2024 forecasts lower as well, to 2.7% from an earlier prediction of 3% growth.

China is ‘key variable’

A faster-than-expected China reopening poses great uncertainty for its economic recovery, the World Bank said in its report.

“The economic recovery [in China] may be delayed if reopening results in major outbreaks that overburden the health sector and sap confidence,” the report said. “There is significant uncertainty about the trajectory of the pandemic and how households, businesses, and policy makers in China will respond.”

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