First Day of Your Internship
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1. Dress the Part of Tomorrow, Not Today

Although it’s clear that today the job-at-hand is being a new intern, it’s not the long-term goal. Most interns have their sight set on obtaining full-time employment after the internship is complete. With that in mind, make sure to dress in a manner that is consistent with your future aspirations as a full-time employee.  Interns that dress in professional attire make it easy for the employer to visualize them as a full-time employee.  It also shows them that the intern has the maturity and is serious about the position. Although it may be tempting to dress for comfort, resist this temptation and dress for the future job.

  • 2. Ask QuestionsOn the first day, interns will receive a lot of information about the company, daily job responsibilities, and expectations. Make sure to ask questions about anything you don’t fully understand, especially when it comes to what the company expects over the course of the internship.  This is also a good time to ask about responsibilities that you will have during your internship, including work hours, breaks, time off, and supervisors.

    You should also ask questions about the specific duties you’ll be asked to perform.  Interns may often view some of the duties they are assigned as busy work.

    3. Share Your Capabilities, Goals, and Interests

    Prior to your first day, you have undoubtedly shared information with the employer during the resume reviewing and interview processes. This information was intriguing enough to get the internship, however; this information is not usually shared broadly throughout the organization.

    Being an intern is all about learning new things and asking questions. As part of this, interns should look for opportunities to share their capabilities, goals and interests throughout the organization—and not just with their immediate manager. First, it gives the intern and their co-workers the chance to get to know each other better and network.

    Be Confident

    Showing confidence is often easier said than done, especially as the new kid on the block. As the newest team member, interns often feel nervous or even out of place. This is a completely normal feeling as an intern or even new employee. No intern is expected to know exactly how to do the work of an experienced employee, but showing confidence in their ability to learn, get information and complete tasks with enthusiasm goes a long way. Confidence can be displayed by showing good posture and eye contact, a professional appearance and something very easy that everyone can do–smile. A smile shows happiness, a good attitude and confidence.

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