Facts, Facets and Features of The Polar Bears
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They look cute, they seem cuddly, but if the mood strikes and opportunity presents itself, they’ll make a mighty messy meal of you – mittens and all. Polar bears are the undisputed sovereigns of the Arctic. And as one of the major draws of Arctic cruises, they’re high on the must-see list for north-bound adventurers, even if we can’t promise all passengers will see one during their voyage. While spotting a polar bear in person is unassailably marvelous, there are more facets to these fasacinating apex predators than most people know. What follows are 10 of our favorite facts about Ursus maritimus, God’s dog, whale’s bane, white sea deer, the ever-wandering one, otherwise known as the polar bear.

Source: by Oceanwide Expeditions Blog

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