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Manager’s Office having an extensive experience in evaluation and selection of Top Level executives is well trained in order to maximize the entrance of specialized staff in your business.

Since its foundation, Manager’s Office has as philosophy to offer quality services though specializing executives in market. The fact that we have placed more than 35.000 top executives proves our profile and trustworthy.

Our philosophy is to create a trustworthy relationship with our co-operatives – clients as well as with the executives that are addressing to us. The high quality services that we provide to our customers and the specialized executives that we have give you quick results in antagonistic cost.

Manager’s Office HR Department is specialized in finding the right executives for top management positions.

Based on the effectiveness and long experience of our staff, we work by designing and implementing the optimal techniques of evaluation (Micro Marketing) for each client-customer, choosing the right executive.


1. Evaluation

Manager’s Office uses adequate techniques of evaluation to find and recommend the right executives in order to minimize the “leaks” in a developing company.

Evaluation techniques are the most recent ones that are used in global markets – in order to detect the personality and the dynamic of the executive and to be able to find out as soon as possible the negative ones. We first analyze the psychographic profile of the executive and after the professional ones.

Our company manages and develops companies that are why we know in deep the procedure in order to have the desirable results in each evaluation and to set the responsibilities of each position. Especially in top managers, candidates are passing tests and case studies in order to evaluate the way they understand Organization and Management.

2. Evaluation – General Professional Profile

The detection of a candidate, who’s having the right profile for each position, demands the adequate professional structure and the effectiveness that has brought through his personal evolution to the company.

We do the assessment through tests:

a. In academic qualifications and the capability to implement his knowledges.

b. In working effectiveness /management/productive procedure/ capability to participation-proposition of a business plan/ participation to the creation of a specific communicational politic to the Department’s Director.

All business executives – collaborators of Manager’s Office are coherent persons in their field and can incorporate and adjust to each company in order to bring the desirable results.

Manager’s Office is always responsible foe every executive “adopting” the role of supervisor for each company-client.

Our target is the permanent solution in HR matters for our clients and our constant so-operation and the result is what we guarantee.



The perfect recommendation of top executives is based on the good understanding of each customer’s needs.

Customer participates to the procedures of Determination of the roles, the responsibilities and the targets.

The understanding of each project’s particularities, where the executive is calling to give extra value, and the way that we will “train” the top managers is something that we know to do very well.

The strategy to find an executive is adjusted to the needs of each client.

Procedure is detailed and systematic.

We move fast and effectively.

We are always present to reassure the satisfaction of both sides.

As we have values, sense of co-operation and responsibility, we are interested to conquer and maintain quality and not quantity.

We are centred to the result and services of our clients and to the maintenance of long term collaborations, because we have an….



In order to make a detailed and analytic research of an executive needs a high experience and a right evaluation.

Usually what we do first is to discuss with the client, in personal level, in order to understand the responsibilities and obligations of the executive and to decide the strategy that we will follow to our research.

We determine the needs and the demands of the position in accordance with company’s identity. This procedure has as result to create a professional profile that will be used as comparison reason to find out the right executive.

Manager’s Offices uses modern techniques that contain procedures of measurements of the candidates yield. From the analysis it will come out the register of the position, something that will help us to find the right candidate, who will be adjusted to the customer’s needs.


The project starts by the sign of contract, where we write all the claims on behalf of the company and all the commitments, on behalf of Manager’s Office, for the action plan, the guarantees and the cost.


The original list of adequate candidates is coming out by internal (HR CRM, communication data etc) and external (Paper Press, communication with universities/associations/internet etc) sources.


HR Manager CRM creates a detailed profile of the candidates and that’s how we eliminate the research to the ideal characteristics and capabilities (assessment in general/specific characteristics) that we need.

This detailed data base presents automatically the executives that respond to our needs, based on the specialty (general/specific), the location and the availability, all these combined to the result of the detailed evaluation during the interview from an HR executive of our company.

Potential candidates are testing, at the beginning, through a phone interview before making an appointment in order to find out if they are adequate for the job.


Each week we are giving a report for the evolution of procedure and the candidates CV that we believe that they are adequate for the position, to the client. These candidates are chosen by passing tests in personal meetings and Case Studies from Manager’s Office HR executives. We are giving to our clients a comprehensive profile that contains the professional course, all their achievements, psychometrical comments, evaluation of their adequacy for the position, strong and week points and general comments.


It is confirm, during the last years that HR brings a determined result to the development of a company. Staff is the most important and at same time the most unstable fact in a company.

In order to achieve a successful HR Management must determine the right use of the executives!

That’s why the company must check often that the executives continue to respond to the needs of their position and at the same time you must evaluate the new executives of your company.

Manager’s Office offers a very detailed procedure of personal interviews, able to evaluate the candidate top managers. They are passing many tests though which we evaluate their mind capabilities, their personality, their managing capabilities and their communicational skills.

During this procedure executives are evaluating from specialized psychologists and HR managers.

After the evaluation of a company’s staff we prepare specialized analysis and reports on the tests results, the “role games”, the “case studies” and the personal interviews that we made.

These analytical reports give a full screen of executive abilities and propose which are the adequate positions for them.

Each executive evaluation contains:

  1. Analysis of the administrative/management and psychographic ability,
  2. Analysis of strong and week points,
  3. Results interpretation,
  4. Conclusions relative to the executive’s understanding of company’s role,
  5. Suggestion of the direction you must follow in order to be developed.

Many recommendations are checking before meeting the candidates. The official checking is made when we form the final candidates list. At this point, we set who will be responsible for the cost negotiations (compensation and benefits package) in order to obtain the desirable result for both of them.


After the executive begins to work, our company is present to reinsure that everything goes right, we watch and evaluate the executive’s progress.

Manager’s Office isn’t here only to find you executives.

Our after sales department will follow every three (3) months, for many years, the executive’s evolution and his devotion to the company.

Manager’s Office co-operates closely with the client in order to determine the skills and needs of each position and after we evaluate the candidate in order to reassure that their experience and their needs are adequate for the position’s profile and company’s identity.

MANAGER’S Office executives participate during the whole procedure and in all levels.



Moral rules are basic condition to create professional attitude and identity.

By keeping high moral rules, Manager’s Office gives high level services to the client companies and encourages the evolution/development of the executives that recommends.

To moral rules we include confidentiality and data protection of both sides and that’s a rule on which we are stable and strict.


Manager’s Office evaluates and recommends all the range of top managers in Sales, Marketing, Financial, Production, IT and Business Development.

During the preliminary research we try to understand the profile and needs of client-company and search how the culture, the structure and the demands of each company will harmonize with the abilities, the experience, the communication skills and the professional needs of the specialized executives that we have. Our target isn’t to put a CV in a position, but to find the right match between candidate-company that will bring a long term profit for both executive and company.

Sales, Marketing, Financial and Business Development Departments have great risk. But our experience gives us the right to eliminate the risk for both sides and to understand what is important in order to achieve target. When we undertake a position n Sales and Marketing Departments, we try to find out the exact needs.

Samples of positions in Sales and Marketing Department that we undertake:

  • Director Sales & Marketing
  • Director Sales
  • Director Marketing
  • Director of Business Development
  • Sales & Marketing Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Marketing Communications Manager
  • Advertising Manager
  • Business Development Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Sales Account Managers
  • Key Account Manager
  • Regional Sales Manager
  • Brand Manager
  • National Manager
  • Country Manager
  • Customer Interface Director
  • Customer Interface Manager

Samples of positions in Information Technology Department (IT):

Manager’s Office evaluate specialized executives in information technology (IT, MIS, IS, Software) for a great variety a companies. In many of them clients ask us to recommend them executives that they have many years of administrative experience.

Samples of positions in Information Department that we undertake:

  • Chief Technical Officer
  • Chief Information Officer
  • IT Director
  • IT Manager
  • HRIS Manager

Samples of positions in Financial Department:

  • Financial Director
  • Executive of Strategic Planning & Investments Department
  • Financial Analyst
  • Executive to Draft Company’s Financial Proposals
  • Regional Chief Risk Officer (CRO)
  • Financial Planning Manager
  • Chief Accountant
  • Accountant
  • Investment Advisor

Top Management

Manager’s Office has a proven experience in top executives’ recommendation, whose are specialized in all departments that are necessary to manage a company (sales, marketing, financials, logistics, supply chain, operations, IT). Our specialized executives are able to understand the needs, the structure, the culture and the targets of each client in order to find the right type of executive.

Sample of positions in Top Management Department

  • CEO or COO, in international company: Diplomat, with communicative skills. He can be from any department of the company, but very often he has worked in all departments through his career.
  • CEO or COO of a business unit: He has almost absolutely autonomy and has the complete control of all company’s departments and that makes him responsible for profit and damage. An executive who has professional identity.
  • CEO or COO, low or middle level company: That type of “leader” must be able to create an atmosphere where “small is good” but also “we can all help for the best result which will drive to the development because development is essential for company’s survival”. This executive must have the skills to move from warehouses to banks and from receptions to luxury hotels.
  • CEO or COO of a new established company: That “flexible manager” must establish the trustworthy and the name of the company in business field or to consumers. That executive must present abilities of persuasions to banks or to his financiers and to prove them that they will have respond. He must present abilities of management and HR evaluation in order to choose the right staff for the company. This position needs an executive that will drive the company to recognition and success.

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