Evaluation & Selection of Middle Level Management Executives
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Most companies, even in developed markets, continue to follow traditional procedures of development and of finding executives. Most of them don’t use procedures (for each separate department) in order to enforce their existing executives and they don’t have in mind to find middle-level executives, over valued ones.

Manager’s Office is the only company in applied marketing & management that differentiates in MIDDLE LEVEL MANAGEMENT EXECUTIVES in global market and matching with client’s company development.

At this level, staff has a vital role in a company’s development as middle level executives are essentials for two (2) basic reasons:

1. In order to cover based on a strategic plan and development (procedures implementation), the needs of company’s plan.

2. In order to play roles that have to do with company’s development, which is based mainly in instinct and contexts and less in strategy and procedures.

In both (2) cases, co-operation with a consultant company that is specialized in middle level executives, such is Manager’s Office, is as important as success.

Manager’s Office can create for you:

  • Commercial Departments
  • Wholesale Department
  • Retail Department
  • Exports Department
  • Accounting Department
  • Supply Department
  • Logistic Department
  • Production Department

We give you procedures for each separate department.

Our great experience gives us the right to differentiate from other consultants. Because we know in action how to create, watch and develop one of these departments. Our proposals in middle level executives must have no mistakes, in order to be able to apply procedures.

Other techniques, except of analysing the psychographic profile of the executive, are his professional ability, his development and the over value that can give to our client.

Each co-operation with Manager’s Office in Middle Level Executives is based in a win-win situation, as we care for your development.

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