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Email Marketing is a contemporary form of targeted marketing which applies to wholesale and retail companies B2B, B2C, B2D and export profile.

It is important, before to enter to this procedure to investigate your partner in 3 main issues as this service is a marketing tool that if you use it without the appropriate knowledge can bring the exactly opposite results:

  1. The knowledge of your partner relatively to email marketing and whether or not he uses it as a tool for his work, in e-mail marketing campaign.
  2. His database, how well organized and updated it is.
  3. The products and the company of the client.

The result, which is a combination of knowledge and technology, as the proposal for email marketing is accompanied with the understanding and the good information of
Manager’s Office is a specialized company in marketing and management and can give services in those fields for each kind of company since 1961.
Email marketing campaign service is a basic procedure that we recommend for:

  • Placement of a company in a new market
  • Strengthening the brand name for a particular clientele
  • The sale of goods-retail
  • The differentiation from the competition
  • The opening of a market in a foreign market

We keep a database of emails for almost every country in Europe, Asia, USA, Latin America, Africa, China e.t.c.
Each co-operation with Manager’s Office has as target only the win-win, as the next step for us is your growth.

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