Threats to sales Team effectiveness
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  • Lack of Formal Coaching

Formal coaching is very important when it comes to increasing the efficiency of your sales team. And as you might have guessed right, it is also one of the biggest obstacles to sales team effectiveness. According to CSO Insights’ 2016 Sales Enablement Optimization Study, there are only 27% businesses that provide a formal sales coaching or training to the members of their sales team.
Why is this an issue? Well, training is where the candidates/salespeople learn new information and get to put it into action. The same study mentioned above also stated that a sales coaching can uplift effectiveness of the team by 28%.

  • No Sales Management Training

Let’s say you hired an awesome bunch of salespeople for your company? But are you well equipped to lead them as their manager? Sales management training for managers is also a major factor when it comes to sales team effectiveness. Sales managers are the leaders and decision makers and their actions have a huge impact on productivity, execution, and sales development. According to a study, investing is sales management training can boost effectiveness by 18%!

  • Unskilled Salespeople

Sales is an art and a talent that not everyone is entitled to. You can offer all kinds of advanced training for your team but it is very important on your part to acknowledge that not everyone can be taught to sell. A research from Caliper Corporation determines that 55% of sales people have no ability to sell and are even found to be lacking in resilience.
This demands that you adopt a hiring strategy that enables you to quickly extract the right candidates for the job. The selected candidate can be an expert on the field or has the ability to learn fast.

An Uncomfortable Workplace

A poorly designed workplace has the ability to interfere with the productivity, morale, and motivation of your sales team. You may not believe it but studies have proven that everything from the layout of the sales office floor, to the chairs used by your team members can have an impact on their productivity.
When it comes to sales, a little bit of privacy is required to maximise effectiveness. Uncomfortable working spaces, excessive noise, a chair that gives back pain, and a lack of natural light have all been qualified as a hindrance to productivity and effectiveness.

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