The 20 highest paying jobs for women
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The gender wage gap is pervasive in many industries, especially those still dominated by men.

But there are some fields where women not only make up a high percentage of the workforce, but they earn competitive pay doing it.

PayScale recently looked at occupations with the highest median pay for women with five to eight years of experience. To highlight jobs in which women frequently work, only those where at least 40% of workers identified as female were included.

A number of well-paying healthcare occupations feature high concentrations of women. More than 90% of nurse practitioners and a little less than half of general physicians are women, Bremer tells Business Insider.

Check out the full list of jobs where women earn the most:

  • Associate Attorney

Percentage of women: 47%

Median pay: $86,800

  • Auditing Manager

            Percentage of women: 40%

            Median pay: $87,000

  • Product Marketing Manager

Percentage of women: 45%

Median pay: $87,700

  • Senior Marketing Manager

Percentage of women: 65%

Median pay: $88,200


  • Project Management Director

      Percentage of women: 41%

Median pay: $89,300

  • Category Manager

Percentage of women: 43%

Median pay: $90,300

  • Adult Nurse Practitioner

Percentage of women: 92%

Median pay: $92,200

  • Nurse Practitioner

Percentage of women: 90%

Median pay: $92,900

  • Senior Clinical Research Associate

Percentage of women: 76%

Median pay: $93,000

  • Compliance Director

Percentage of women: 63%

Median pay: $93,400

  • Physician Assistant

Percentage of women: 70%

Median pay: $94,600

  • Internal Auditing Manager

Percentage of women: 40%

Median pay: $96,100

·       8. Psychiatric Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner

Percentage of women: 82%

Median pay: $101,000

  • Vice President of Human Resources

Percentage of women: 68%

Median pay: $103,000

  • Optometrist

Percentage of women: 54%

Median pay: $105,000

  • Vice President of Marketing

Percentage of women: 49%

Median pay: $106,000

  • Corporate Counsel

Percentage of women: 45%

Median pay: $115,000

  • Pharmacist

Percentage of women: 52%

Median pay: $117,000

  • Pediatrician

Percentage of women: 72%

Median pay: $154,000

  • General Practice Physician

Percentage of women: 48%

Median pay: $165,000

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