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The lean-manufacturing revolution profoundly altered the business world as companies reinvented how they built things to be more efficient and productive. We believe it’s time that companies apply that same level of scrutiny and commitment to marketing and sales. Our research is increasingly clear: companies with better marketing and sales capabilities grow faster. At a time when growth is not only more important but arguably more elusive than ever, companies must tap the potential of marketing and sales to deliver better results.

Many senior executives still argue that the return on investment (ROI) from marketing and sales is just too difficult to assess, especially when compared with revenue-generating line businesses. So, instead of taking a systematic and deliberate approach to investing in their institutional marketing and sales capabilities, many companies choose to focus on tactical efforts that provide quick, visible results. That’s a mistake. Sustainable competitive advantage flows to companies with the best marketing and sales capabilities, and our research and deep industry experience has identified these seven hallmarks of leading companies:

For companies in the building materials market, whether talking to professionals

For companies in the building materials market, whether talking to professionals such as architects, engineers and builders, or end users (such as home owners) finding the right tone of voice for each stakeholder message is important.

Building materials brands need to develop separate strategies for selling to builders, big box stores, showroom dealers, lumber dealers, contractors, architects, distributors, as well as facility managers, building managers, and homeowners. And of course, the importance of each group of stakeholders varies from country to country.

Agencies understand the different buying dynamics in overseas markets, and can advise on:

•Understanding the differences between how commercial and residential channels work

•Recognizing the importance of key influencers, and using their knowledge and power to your advantage

•Avoiding common mistakes in branding, positioning and tradeshow exhibitions

•Identifying how sustainable and green construction issues can affect your brand

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