Most Unusual Interview Mistakes
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What is the most unusual thing a candidate did in a job interview? Fall asleep? Disappear? Show up a day late?

  1. When interviewer asked candidate why he wanted to work for the company, he replied, “Because I fancy the girl who works in reception.”
  2.  Candidate turned on a CD player to play the song “I feel good” during the interview.
  3.  Candidate performed magic tricks for the interviewer.
  4. Candidate showed up for the wrong job interview with the wrong company.
  5. Candidate gave the interviewer the impression that she had murdered her husband.
  6. Candidate kept checking his mobile which was in his hand under the desk during the interview.
  7. Candidate told interviewer, “I don’t have any particular ambitions for advancement, as long as I am paid a lot more in five years time.”
  8.  Candidate told interviewer that he would not be able to travel for work when his football team was playing at home.
  9.  Candidate told interviewer he would wrestle clients to the ground rather than trying to diffuse difficult situations.
  10. Candidate tried to pick up the interviewer.

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