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Our next HR advice for small businesses requires some self-reflection and personal work. You see, as a team leader, you need to fine-tune certain skills to manage your team effectively and make them strong advocates of your company culture. The list of leadership skills is long, so we’ll cover the basics.

Communication skills are undoubtedly the most powerful tool in your arsenal. Excellent active listening skills and empathy will help you connect with your team, evoke trust, and support them through rocky times. You’ll also be able to give feedback that resonates with employees and doesn’t feel like criticism.

What’s more, sooner or later, there will be friction in the workplace. It’s your job to bring the conflicting sides together and hear them out objectively. Not to mention all the difficult conversations you’ll need to carry from time to time regarding pay, personal favors, etc. Long story short, add assertiveness and conflict resolution skills to your toolkit essentials.

On a more practical level, you’ll also need delegation skills to assign the right people to the right positions. When done right, delegation in the workplace helps your staff feel empowered, trusted, and grow professionally. Ultimately, it can prevent employee turnover.

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