Business is not a game
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  • Don’t just focus on getting the sale. Focus on helping your customers succeed.

We’re not in this business to just get people to buy our stuff. We want them to see the change and the impact and create the success stories

  • Just because it works for someone else doesn’t mean it will work for you. Ask more questions, always.

Ask more questions, always. Assess whether “the one method” people are telling you is the only way to go, even makes sense for you and your topic or audience. I’ve found more engaged audience members and more sales waiting on the other side of ignoring traditional advice and focusing on key questions about what my audience needs than through re-creating systems that others have used. Ask more questions, always. Does it apply to you? How can you use it without the elements of it that you don’t like? What would utterly surprise your audience at this point? If you’re asking yourself “Should I do webinars or a 10-day challenge to promote my course?”, ask instead.



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