Business Automation Strategies Implementation
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Business automation is becoming a more popular strategy at a variety of organizations and companies due to its benefits of saving time and money on manual tasks. In fact, automation can be a more accurate and faster method for completing some of the more simple tasks at a company.

This gives staff members more time to complete some of the more difficult, complex, and higher value projects at an organization. However, business automation can be a challenging process and needs to be done right. To prevent problems from improper implementation, managers will need to copy the following strategies to ensure they accurately implement business automation.

As much as 70% of IT activities can be connected to business automation. There are several areas where managers and data analysts can measure the value potential of automating a particular process. These areas are outlined below.

Addressing Customer Requests and Incidents. The majority of customer issues begin with a customer service help-desk request and are usually considered to have a “low difficulty” level of 1. Nonetheless, there are many issues that are at a higher level of difficulty such as level-2 or level-3 problems and are usually passed to more specialized IT teams to handle resolving. These are often more costly to fix. Categorizing and sorting this process of the difficulty among customer requests can offer a real assessment benefit for a company.

Performing planned, necessary activities. Another area to measure the value potential of includes automation of planned activities and simple tasks such as upgrades, backups, or more complex topics like fixing security audits. As much as 20% of the cost for IT teams can take up by completing these tasks manually.

Completing new applications. Creating and delivering new applications can take up as much as 20% to 40% of IT effort, which means this is the biggest source of value among IT teams. Along with developing new applications, IT teams are in charge of testing and hosting.

The best ways to implement automation technology can vary greatly depending on the relevant business activity, which means it is vital to define the “root causes for issues.

The root cause of customer service requests may not be easily understood, which means identifying the ones that are most well-suited for automation can become a challenge. Sometimes a specific problem such as someone not receiving emails could be as simple as a lost password or as complex as an email-program issue. While about 80 percent of “reset password” problems can be automated, more complex challenges may need manual solutions.

Customers today are also looking for a quick and easy digital user experience in terms of having their problems resolved. This is why modernizing and digitizing of business processes is such an important part of running a company.

However, the use of text-mining technology that can read tickets addressing customer service issues could define the exact insight needed to fix the problem. In fact, one team found that there are three particular categories that a number of these tickets can be put into, which include:

  • Automatable customer service requests
  • Customer service issue requires machine learning
  • Highly cognitive/manual customer service requests

Strategy 3: Perform a Proof of Concept

To ensure the value of a particular business automation step is significant, a chief information officer will need to proceed with a proof of concept. Incident processing is a useful place to start since companies that have implemented automating capabilities in this area have seen cost savings as high as 30 percent.

In this case, there are a variety of customer service request tickets that can be easily positioned as a proof of concept especially due to already-automated systems on more advanced technology such as resetting passwords, ordering equipment, and setting up access for new employees. Creating a proof of concept requires the following:

Workshops with IT experts in order to understand where to apply automation processes

  • Carefully selecting a business automation platform
  • Receiving all needed approvals from the IT team
  • Incorporating iterative design techniques when developing the automated programs
  • Continually monitoring and documenting the results to ensure value attainment

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