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Manager’s Office innovates globally, through the Draft service.
Based on the latest evaluation procedures, Manager’s Office places to companies the most specialized executives currently existing in market.

Fully aware of the difficulty that executives face in their effort to approach companies as well as the weakness of some companies to have the tools so as to recruit talented executives, Manager’s Office has created the DRAFT service.

Through the Draft service and the win-win process, Manager’s Office managed to connect the best companies with the best executives.

Draft service is beneficial for both companies and executives. Through this service, companies have the chance to be informed anytime for the availability of the most specialized executives.
At the same time executives work closely with a consulting company that can truly understand and realize their needs.

Manager’s Office through DRAFT SERVICE creates a new innovative service in HR Department as Staff Partner.

If you are a specialized executive, promote your CV to Manager’s Office HR department, indicating the title “DRAFT”, claiming the positions and the countries you wish to work to. We will evaluate your CV and you will be placed in companies where you will give extra value.

Each co-operation with Manager’s Office in HR is based in a win-win situation, as we care for your development.

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