Customer Service Trends For 2022
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88% of companies are prioritizing customer experiences more in 2021

Knowing who your customer is, their previous order history, and perhaps some of their personal details before they tell you can make customers feel valued. Dealing with your customers as individuals and delivering a bespoke customer experience increases the likelihood they will share their positive experience and become an advocate for your brand. In 2022, having a data solution that allows for this level of personalisation will become more crucial than ever, as customers continue to expect brands to interact with them digitally. The excuses afforded by the pandemic won’t wash in 2022.

The level and quality of service that customers receive from companies is a key feature of the experience it provides. Contact centers play a big role in this – if customers know they will spend a long time “on hold,” be passed between multiple departments, or end up speaking to poorly trained advisors who can’t help them solve their problems, they are unlikely to rate their experiences with that company highly. Automated call handling systems were initially introduced to tackle some of these issues but unfortunately didn’t always have the desired effect, as callers experienced increasing frustration while navigating menus or interacting with hit-and-miss voice recognition systems.

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