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Sales Research is nothing else but a picture of the target market.

Through Sales Research we can understand the size of the market, the possibilities that we have to enter in this market, to find out competition, to investigate our differentiation and to determine the percentage of the clients that we are interested of.

Sales research can answers us many questions and must be applied on the certain product and the consumers’ profile.

  • Which is the target-market that we are interested of and which are its needs
  • How many and whose know our company
  • What kind of products must I give to market and how can I make them more familiar
  • How can I reduce risk before entering a new product in target market
  • Which are the alternative plans for my products and how can I create bigger interest
  • Which are the marketing and advertising movements that we must apply
  • Which are the promotional movements that will augment the demand of the product
  • Which is the right communicational politic
  • Which services are more important for the clients and in which I must be improved
  • Which is the service level to the competitors
  • How loyal to the product are the clients
  • How willing are clients to recommend the services to others
  • Why we lost customers from competition
  • Sales research is a basic method that can assure the company’s development and can prevent mistakes.

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