Custom Office’s Bureaucracy For Exports
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6. Procedures and custom office’s bureaucracy for exports inside and outside the EU. Preparation of your company to have effectual exports procedures.

A company is ready to export when it features:

  • Product properly prepared, in accordance with International packaging, standardization, labelling standards
  • The needed production capacity
  • The available resources
  • The commitment of management to deliver merchandise, product or service on a global scale at a competitive price in order to gain market share.

9 questions and preparation steps of export activity that you need to know:

  1. Your business has started export activities to the General Commercial Register?
  2. Have you indicated Activity Codes Numbers?
  3. Is there a registered TRADEMARK for products to be exported?
  4. If there is, the disclosure of TRADEMARK concerns your state, Europe or Worldwide?
  5. Are there all quality assurance certifications and packaging HACCP (ISO 22000), ISO 9001, BRC Standards, IFS Standards?
  6. Do you know about the insurance programs?
  7. What are the financial solutions for export companies?
  8. Requirements for packaging and label information?
  9. Which are the required shipping documents?

Export Direction

your stand (digital printing, posters, stickers, banner, tarps, inscriptions).

  • Finding translators for the best operation of your exhibition stand.
  • Provision of all necessary office supplies for your convenience.

Export Direction


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