CRM Product Manager-UK (CRMPM 8998HSN2)
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Position Summary:

We are seeking a creative and experienced individual to join our clients Team and build a brand new instance of CRS-CRM, as well as the team that will support it.

Working closely with our client’s team, communications, and fundraising teams, as well as external consultants, you will build and manage the organization’s database infrastructure, using an established roadmap. The position reports to the Digital Director Communications Department..

A good CRM system doesn’t get delivered off the shelf and then get used as is. It’s a constantly iterating system and a living process. And as such requires a great deal of internal focus and ownership, on an ongoing basis, in order to remain useful, relevant, clean, and ultimately valuable. As a CRM Product Manager you will bring a high level of organization and initiative to supporting the Products Team Division, as well as their interactions with the rest of our client’s staff. We are looking for a professional who has proven leadership, strategic vision, and systems experience and a desire to help the mission of our client.

Working with external consultants, our client has gathered requirements and has developed an overarching project plan and timeline with critical deadlines for the implementation of CRM-CRS. External resources will help us get this project started, but we have a strong interest in hiring an internal resource to get involved as early in the build process as possible. At first, this internal resource will get their fingers in every aspect and decision regarding connected tools, tweaking requirements, and working within the organization to provide quality assurance for the organization. After the initial phase, the role will evolve towards building and mentoring the team to support the many demands on the CRM, including iterating on the tool, data integrity, and training.



* Manage every aspect of our clients  CRM-CRS implementation project, using and iterating on an existing roadmap with critical timelines, tapping internal and external resources for guidance and also to execute much of it, but really getting your fingers into the technical details.

* Investigate, install, and maintain 3rd-party tools for uses such as email marketing, form capture, donation processing, and more.


* Train staff (repeatedly and constantly!) on usage of the system.

* Support staff to define needs and show them how to get what they’re looking for out of CRM-CRS;

* Manage system and data integrity by establishing end-user best practices, leveraging administrative tools and employing regressions testing.

* Monitor data quality on an ongoing basis to identify issues before they become major problems.


* 3 -5 years of Salesforce architecture and administration experience preferred but related experience will be considered

* Hungry to take on a big challenge (this is a big one)

* Desire to make your coworker’s lives easier

* Ability to identify and implement process and policy improvements

* Strong interpersonal and organizational skills

* Excellent judgment and decision making skills

* Ability to understand the big picture and the details, and communicate both

* Willingness to learn and adapt quickly to a constantly changing landscape.

* Precision and quality focused; refusal to let details fall through the cracks

* Ability to meet deadlines, handle and prioritize multiple simultaneous requests, manage laterally and upwards, all with a professional and courteous attitude.

* A patient and thoughtful mentor to staff

* Ability to provide instruction to audiences of varying technical ability

* Excellent presentation and communication skills, both written and oral

* Comfortable working in a small, collaborative team environment

* Methodological, detail oriented, able to be careful and considerate under pressure;


If you are interest for the position, you can send your CV at the hr department of Manager’s Office via email noting the position code



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