Can I be Good Boss?
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  • Have an open door policy. Make yourself available to your employees, and welcome their input. Open door doesn’t mean that your office door is literally always open. Rather, it means that your employees can come to you with any issues or suggestions that they have, and you will be receptive. If you’re very busy, you can specify times when your employees can filter in or out of your office, or you can make rounds to visit your employees in their workspace.
  • Respect and value your employees. Every employee in your organization contributes to making your business a success. Acknowledge their contributions and let them know that you see their hard work
  • Motivate your staff to do their best work. Make your office a pleasant place to work by providing good lighting, encouraging a friendly attitude, and allowing employees to bring in a personal touch, such as family photos or a fun poster. Provide your employees with rewards and incentives for good work, such as a pizza party or a monthly certificate.
  • Stay involved in the day-to-day activities of the office. It’s easy for a boss to become out of touch with the job tasks of lower level employees. This can create resentment from employees whose jobs you don’t understand, and it prevents you from spotting areas that could benefit from change. Instead, make a point to work alongside your employees once a week
  • Try new ways of doing things. Your employees may have ideas about how to make their jobs easier. Listen to them, and try out the ones that seem most likely to lead to success. When you’re open to trying out ideas suggested by your employees, they will see that you value their input, which will make them view you as a good boss

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