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Business Suit or Not

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Find a quality maker for proper fit. Opt for a tailor-made or ready-to-wear suit. If you go with ready-to-wear, ensure that the fit is correct and drop it off for alterations to make it as custom as possible.

Look for shoulders that lie flat and have the seam match the length of the bone underneath it.

Jacket buttons should close without strain and should not make the lapels hang forward or the lower part of the jacket flare out like a skirt.

The jacket sleeve length should allow for half an inch of the shirt sleeve to show beyond it. The length of the jacket overall should end at about the middle of your hand with arms relaxed at your sides.

Trousers should fall with a small “break” at the top of the shoe, making contact but without more than one wrinkle. The seat of the trousers should fall in a straight line without wrinkles or sags

Pay attention to details. Choose fabric, buttons, lapels, and vents according to weather, functionality, and your preferred style.

Wool fabrics can be worn all year round in a medium weight. Opt for cotton or linen suits in hot climates, but note that they don’t travel well because they crease and wrinkle easily.

Pick a jacket lining that adds a pop of color or pattern, but still complements the shirts that you wear with it.

One-button suits are more contemporary and suit a slighter build. Three-buttons suits work well on men of medium or tall build, and should have the first and middle buttons or only the middle button fastened when standing.

Choose a notch lapel, which has a triangular notch separating the top and bottom of the lapel; a peak lapel that has edges pointing up toward the shoulders; or a shawl lapel, which is one long curve without breaks or points.

A single vent at the rear of the jacket is common, but double vents provide a contemporary European look.

Have an array of shirts. Stick with plenty of white and light blue for an always-classic and appropriate look, but also branch out to button-downs in a range of colors to help lend variety to the same suit day to day.

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