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Business plan & Marketing Plan
Creating a Business Plan is an important and necessary tool in order to improve company’s progress or its initial placement in the target market.
Its purpose is to analyze the current market’s/company’s situation and to guide the executives actions to specific directions and policies.
A business plan is important because it contributes to:

  • The structure and organization of the company
  • Taking decisions according to targets and policy of the company
  • Recording, analyzing and understanding of the market, of consumers/costumers and of competition
  • Consists a reference point and demonstrates the achievement or not of the targets

Marketing Plan along with Business Plan, has to do with products and services presentation, and is the most important step in order to move as secure as you can to target market.
Worldwide market has changed and will keep change. So, such tools as Business Plan and Marketing Plan are very important after 200.
Traditional procedures and feelings, unfortunately, cannot apply any longer.
Manager’s Office is a specialized company in marketing and management and can give services in those fields for each kind of company since 1961.
Manager’s Office can structure business and marketing plan of your company in order to apply it.
Each co-operation with Manager’s Office has as target only the win-win, as the next step for us is your growth.

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