Bad Work Habits
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  • Poor Planning

Poor or lack of planning will result in disorganized working patterns. This can lead to missed deadlines, incomplete work and can create unnecessary stress. Simple measures such as planning a schedule for outstanding work in order of priority will create more efficient, productive and less stressful working conditions.

  • Putting Personal Life Before Work

At times we all have to take time off work for unavoidable personal appointments that occur during working hours, and the occasional personal phone call or time spent on social media is overlooked by most employers. However, this can easily develop into a bad habit if liberties are taken with excessive requests for time off or long hours on the phone or online pursuing non related interests.

  • Poor time keeping

Poor time keeping is a common habit, and one which can be hard to break once the pattern of behavior has become ingrained. Being late for work, turning up to meetings once they’ve started or submitting work after the deadline are all examples of poor time keeping that won’t impress your employer.

  • Rude and Inconsiderate Behavior

Familiarity can breed contempt, or at least a lack of respect and etiquette, when working with the same people day after day. Remembering that the people you spend time with are first and foremost your colleagues, and by keeping professional boundaries, you can maintain a level of respect for others that you would expect to receive yourself.

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