Am i ready to be a Marketing Manager?
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The duties and responsibilities of a marketing manager will vary depending on the company size and industry. As a marketing manager, you will typically be responsible for planing, directing, and coordinating marketing policies, as well as developing and implementing pricing strategies for your company or outside clients.

You might be a one-person team or part of a large staff of marketing directors, managers and assistants. Learning how to pursue a career in marketing management can start you on a lucrative fulfilling life path:

•brand management


•market research/analysis


•pharmaceutical marketing

•retail marketing

•high-tech marketing (management, marketing, and sales of tech products like

computers, software, system services, and other aspects of the high-tech


•marketing consultant

•consumer analysis

•business-to-business marketing

Research potential employers. If you know what niche you’d like to work in, you may have already identified numerous potential employers. If you have not yet narrowed down your search, look at where the most jobs are available in your area.

The majority of marketing managers work in advertising, public relations, and other related industries.

Many marketing managers also work in information technology, retail trade, and wholesale trade.

A number of marketing managers also work in managing companies and enterprises, especially those that deal with marketing in some capacity.

Attend networking events. Networking events can be a great way to make connections with potential employers. Even if you leave a networking event without a job offer, you will still get a much better understanding of what employers are looking for in an employee, and you may make a connection that could lead to a potential job down the line.

You can find networking events through your alumni association, or through professional associations that focus on marketing management.

Many professional conferences incorporate some kind of reception hour or networking event. This can be a great way to meet other people already working in your desired field and to learn what it takes to succeed

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