A Successful Job Application and CV
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You should include the following in your CV:

A good picture of yourself

Contact details, phone number, e-mail address and postal address. To add your LinkedIn profile link is also a good idea if your LinkedIn profile is in shape (keep in mind that you can customize your url in LinkedIn).

Personal details, i.e. name and date of birth.

Education. Describe your degree: subjects, major, thesis, etc.

Work experience and internships. Mention your employers, your positions or tasks and the duration of your internships (year and month). Include a short chronological presentation of your work tasks, beginning with the most recent.

Language skills. List every language separately and indicate the level of your written and verbal skills.

References, e.g. former employers or instructors. Always ask permission to use somebody as a reference! Don’t forget to take the chance and request your previous employer’s reference on LinkedIn.

Manager’s Office

HR & Training Dept.

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