The purge and the assurance of sustainability in a company depend on constancy, legitimacy and discretion.

Manager’s Office financial department and its executives, having very specializing knowledge and very long experience in organizational and economical services in companies, can offer you whole solutions of organization and reorganization of your Payroll Department.

Organization and Supervision of your Payroll Department:

  • Evaluation of the current politic and rules of inner function
  • Purge of procedures and of the way of completion
  • Optimization of the organizational structure and workflow
  • Workflow program according to the Greek tax legislation and according to the legal form of your company
  • Evaluation of human resource of your Payroll Department.

The market is aware of our work and our diversity.

Financial Department

Executives’ training is a substantial element for the adequate development and their development. The necessity or training is constant and necessary for each company that wants to catch the evolutions and respect its identity in market.

Under these circumstances companies should have the ability to distinguish its human resource:

  • Each executive’s level and the way that can be used in company’s structure
  • Real needs of training
  • The appropriate methodology of training

The role of Manager’s Office in training issues in companies that are trying to survive in market’s constant changes, is strategic.

We choose to be differentiated in training for 4 reasons, because what really interests us is the upgrade of executives and of the department:

  • We establish and develop all company’s departments, in a way that can provide us the exact image of each executives evolution.
  • We have professional HR Services, which can show us the evolution of each executive inside the company.
  • We are interested for each executive’s opinion as the relationship between trainer and trainee is a two-way relationship that forms the training program together.
  • We are focused in the implementation of training in executives everyday business life by constantly controlling them, in order to correct the way that they used to work and which are not the proper ones.

We invested many years now in training and development of human resource as we truly believe that they are both essential for our company.

Evaluate the era, the evolutions and find out with us your strategic choices in training issues.

Seminars in Business Administration

  • Project Management
  • Time – Stress Management
  • Risk Management
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Sms Marketing
  • Blue tooth Marketing
  • Leadership’s new dimension
  • Procedures and their use
  • Principals of effective Management
  • New dimension of management
  • Effective Communication & Presentation Skills
  • Motivation & strengthening
  • Change Management
  • Logistic & Inventory Management
  • Public Relations
  • Marketing E-Shop
  • Business Letters
  • Management Skills for Newly Appointed Managers
  • Communication & Behaviour
  • Human Resources Management for HR
  • Business Reputation
  • Business Firm
  • Principals of Capabilities of the Right Management
  • Successful presentations
  • Business Plan.
  • Marketing Plan
  • Business English
  • Marketing and Advertisement
  • Industrial Marketing
  • Human Resource Management
  • Behavior  types & Effective Communication
  • Basic Principles for New Managers
  • Franchise
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Exports
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Segmentation Manager
  • Productivity and Efficiency of executives
  • Effective Management
  • Management style
  • Leader
  • Roles, Behaviour and Management style
  • Management skills for everyone
  • Timeless Value for Effective Management
  • Productivity-Relations-Quality
  • 3 Basic Principles Areas of Management
  • Setting of Targets-Solution of  Problems –Communication
  • The New Dimension of Management-Urge and Reinforcement
  • The Role of Leader
  • Emotions and Results
  • Business Culture
  • Understanding and Exploitation of Emotional Intelligence
  • Emotional Dimension in Management
  • The Areas of Emotional Intelligence
  • Management Style
  • When is the right time to Adopt each Management Style
  • The Leader’s Styles and the Configuration of Company’s Culture
  • Ways to Enforce and Motivate Co-operatives
  • Trust Development-Acceptance
  • Devotion-Commitment
  • Critics management
  • Recognition and Rewarding
  • Urge and Constant Development and Improvement
  • Commercial Strategy and Credit Policy
  • Techniques of Promotion base on the Sales Manager Model
  • ISO Service Department
  • Management of relations with customers before and after co-operation
  • Methodology of how to Develop the Sales  Network
  • Reporting System
  • HR Management
  • HRM-Differentiations with the Personnel Management
  • The Areas through which develops HRM
  • Organization of Human Resource
  • Analysing if Structural Construction
  • Description of Employees Duties
  • Evaluation of Employees Duties
  • Bonus System
  • Development of Human Resource
  • Programming the Human Resource
  • Communicational Problems. How to communicate in work
  • Team work
  • The meaning of executive satisfaction
  • Principles of Communication and Appearance

Financial Seminars

  • Financial Statement Analysis and Financial funding
  • Taxation
  • Computerized Accounting
  • Logistic Management
  • Payroll – Insurance Policy
  • Basic Financial Principles
  • International Accounting Standards
  • Financial Risk Management
  • Management Accounting
  • Inventory Management
  • Stock Management
  • Budgeting
  • Cost reduction

Sales & Marketing Seminars

  • Negotiation Management & Handling Objections
  • Coaching
  • Crisis, Management
  • CRM Customer Relationship Management
  • Team work
  • Team Building
  • After Sales
  • Customer Care
  • Ordering
  • Cross Selling
  • Retail
  • Whole sales
  • B2B Sales
  • B2C Sales
  • B2D Sales
  • Exports
  • Merchandising/ Sales force
  • Selling & Building Partnerships
  • Sales Model «PAYBACK»,
  • Customer Care
  • Body Language
  • Sales & Internet
  • Customers Centred Culture in Sales
  • Principles of effective Policy
  • Advisory  Sale in Wholesale
  • Advisory Sale in Retail
  • 9 different types of customers in retail – recognition & management
  • 11 Sales Methods
  • Philosophy of the aggressive strategy
  • Negotiations Management
  • Sales Methods
  • Customer Satisfaction CSI
  • Key Account
  • Management Skills,
  • Marketing Skills,
  • Custom. Sales Procedures in Car industry
  • Custom. Pharmacies Management
  • Custom. Client Management in Furniture industry
  • Custom. Client Management in Electronics Products
  • Custom. Client Management in Electrical Products
  • Custom. Client Management B2B  in software
  • Custom. Client Management B2B  in web design
  • Custom. Client Management B2B  in Courier
  • Custom. Client Management B2B in Security services
  • Custom. Client Management B2B  in Catering
  • Custom. Client Management  B2B in Logistics
  • Custom. Client Management B2B in Graphic Arts
  • Custom. Client Management B2B in Advertising Companies
  • Custom. Client Management B2B  in Purchasing products
  • Custom. Client Management  B2B in Transportation
  • Custom. Client ManagementB2B  in Food Supplements
  • Custom. Client Management B2B  in Car Accessories
  • Custom. Client Management B2B in Industrial Products
  • Custom. Winner
  • Custom. 2 Magic Words ‘Differentiation & Satisfaction’
  • Custom. ‘Sex’ Every day procedures and similarities with sale methods

HR & Training Direction

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